Guidelines for Singers
SEASON: The season begins the week after Labor Day and closes with the Annual Dinner (for all singing members and their families and subscribers) after the last concert of the season. There are occasional special events during the season as well as the summer.
CONCERTS: There are three major concerts each season. The first is in mid-November. Each year in December we perform Handel's Messiah, Part I. The third concert is either late April or beginning of May, usually depending on when Easter falls.
REHEARSALS: We rehearse each Monday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 PM at Garden City Community Church @ 245 Stewart Avenue, Garden City. When the church is not available, rehearsals are at alternate locations. Rehearsals begin promptly at 8:00 PM.
ATTENDANCE: According to our by-laws, singers must attend at least 75% of all rehearsals including two of the last three before any performance. Any singer missing three consecutive concerts may be asked to re-audition before being allowed to rejoin. Only the conductor may grant exceptions.
NEW SINGER INFORMATION & DECORUM: All new singers must pass an audition. New singers who have paid dues and attended two rehearsals will receive additional information. We display dignified professionalism at all concerts and are attentive to the conductor at rehearsals.
MUSIC: Will be provided by LICS if it is in our library or if we can borrow it. We are trying to reduce the size of our library, and may sell used scores, if we have them, to our singers at a reduced price. If we do not own the music or cannot borrow it, singers will be required to purchase their own scores. Singers may want to use their own scores even if LICS has the music available, but uniform editions are necessary so we may restrict the editions you may use. You can usually buy the music for our performances through LICS at a discount. You must return any borrowed music immediately at the conclusion of each concert or notify the Librarian to make other arrangements. We must charge singers who do not return borrowed or rented music the full cost of replacement.
DUES & TICKETS: We are a dues paying organization. Singing members must pay dues prior to performance, and may also have ticket purchase requirements. Details will be provided at audition.
CONCERT DRESS: For all performances, ladies wear a required long-sleeved black top and floor- length black skirt or loose pants. Information on where to purchase a performance outfit is available upon request (see Beth Saltalamacchio). Black or off-black hosiery and black shoes are required. A single strand of pearls is also worn. Gentlemen wear black tuxedos, long-sleeved white shirts, and black bow ties (except for the Messiah concert or other Holiday Concerts when red bow ties may be required), black socks, and black shoes. Some of our singers have severe allergies to fragrances and to cigarette smoke which makes it impossible to breathe or sing. We therefore permit NO perfume, cologne, or scented shaving lotion whenever we sing (including rehearsals). Please be considerate of others and refrain from wearing fragrance at rehearsals and concerts and from smoking just prior to rehearsals or concerts.
DRESS REHEARSALS: When we have concerts that include orchestra and professional soloists, we have only one opportunity to rehearse with them. The day and time may vary. Attendance is mandatory unless you are excused by the music director.
QUESTIONS: Any questions on membership or attendance should be addressed to either Michael or Tracey. Any other questions may be directed to any Board member.