Season Tickets

Season tickets offer admission to all 3 concerts for $50, a significant savings compared to $65 for tickets to all 3 concerts purchased separately.

SPECIAL OFFER: Veterans get a special discount price of $15 for the November concert

Group Rate Savings

The price for tickets purchased individually is $20.00 ($25.00 for the Messiah Concert in December). Groups of eight or more can purchase Advance Sale tickets to the same concert for a reduced price per ticket. Youth tickets (under age 19) are $10.00.

Ticket Price Schedule
(3 concerts)
Concerts (November, May) Messiah Concert Youth
(under age 19)
Per Concert Group
(ordered in advance)
Messiah Concert
Messiah Group
(ordered in advance)
$50 $20 $15 $25 $20 $10

click here to download Advance Sales / Season Tickets Order Form

Complete the form and mail with a check payable to:
The Long Island Choral Society, Inc.

Mail to:
The Long Island Choral Society, Inc.
Attn.: Howard Batsford, Treasurer
PO Box 8047, Garden City, NY 11530

For tickets, call or text Tracey (516) 652-6878