Season Tickets

BARGAIN - You save over regular ticket prices and are guaranteed tickets for Messiah. Subscription tickets for all three concerts will be mailed by November 1st. If you cannot attend the Messiah concert, you may use your Season Tickets for the Dress Rehearsal.

Group Rate Savings

The price for tickets purchased individually is $20.00 ($30.00 for the Messiah Concert in December). Groups of eight or more can purchase Advance Sale tickets to the same concert for a reduced price per ticket. Youth tickets (under age 19) are $10.00. Please call (516) 580-1777 for more information or to order Group Rate tickets.

Ticket Price Schedule
(3 concerts)
Per Concert
Concert Group
in advance)
Messiah Group
in advance)
(under age 19)
2 for $90
$20 $15 $30 $20 $10

click here to download Advance Sales / Season Tickets Order Form

Complete the form and mail with a check payable to:
The Long Island Choral Society, Inc.

Mail to:
The Long Island Choral Society, Inc.
Attn.: Howard Batsford, Treasurer
PO Box 8047, Garden City, NY 11530

or call (516) 580-1777

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